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and disgrace accompanied by terror and robbery among the population. A major event was oprichnina Novgorod pogrom in January of February of the year, which was the reason for the suspicion of wanting to go to Novgorod Lithuania. Terrible always distinguished quality is selfishness. He could not imagine how bad other people by his actions. Gradually, his terror, he set up the majority of the people against themselves. Maybe sometimes he knew it, but was not going to concede. In general, in my opinion, life, and the king’s policy is divided into two periods: before the death of his first wife, Anastasia Zakharina St George after. During the life of the Queen of Terror was much less in

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the country. Foreign and domestic policy was for the benefit of the state. After her death, Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich began rather quickly change for the worse, which caused the flight of many of the boyars and servitors in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. From this moment begins a new stage of life and the reign of Ivan the Terrible. The psychological state of Grozny could be the opposite in a matter of minutes. He was going to take the vows, then he asked Queen Elizabeth refuge from the conspirators who allegedly lay in wait for him at every step. The madness came to the king that he poisoned Muscovites wild bears, which are issued in a crowd of people. King lived in constant fear, and fear of

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conspiracies and assassination attempts on his life, which revealed almost every day. The executions followed one after another. In this way the king wanted to show that there will be no mercy for all those who would betray him, but will have mercy, and mercy to those who remain faithful to him. Confirmation of this we find Jerome Gorseya in  Notes on Russia . He writes about the brutal massacre of Tsar Boris Tulupova prince and his mother. The psyche of the king destroyed, and his mind refused to serve it. Thus, in the year the Terrible  accidentally  killed his own son — the heir to the throne Prince Ivan, hit his head with an iron stick after he stood up for the pregnant wife of

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the king, which the king had severely beaten in a fit of insanity. Here he writes about the death of Tsarevich Ivan the Terrible contemporary D. Horsey:  In a fit of anger, he gave him a slap in the face, the prince took this painful, ill with fever, and died three days later. King frantically tore his hair and beard, moaning and mourning the loss of his son.   However, then the Terrible repented of their deeds. The death of the heir had plunged him into despair because his other son, Fyodor, was unable to govern the country. Ivan the Terrible sent to the monastery a great contribution to the mention of the son of the soul, even the thought to leave the monastery. After the death of his beloved

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wife Anastasia Terrible married a total of six more times, but none of the subsequent wives had no influence on the king such as the first. However, unwanted wives of Ivan the Terrible, as a rule, sent to a monastery — in contrast to his older contemporary, the English King Henry Tudor, who aptly NY Adelman,  made the block element of family life.  So, after analyzing the biography of the last Russian tsar, we can conclude that Ivan the Terrible was a complex nature. Sometimes in order to achieve his goal, he could use the most severe measures, including assassination. He was not peculiar attention to the other person’s feelings, compassion. He was cruel and selfish, often

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