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capital ratio and the number of workers in exportoriented and importsubstituting industries in the United States in  This required capital calculations and employment not only in dozens of industries under consideration but the account of capital and labor which are contained in their products as a result of the use of other products industries. Being one of the pioneers of interbranch balance he successfully used his ability to obtain the necessary capitallabor estimates by multiplying the coefficient matrix of the vectors of capital and labor the value of exports and

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imports by industry. Test conditions were as follows if the right conclusions Heckscher theory  Ohlin and capital in the United States relatively more redundant then taking into account the contribution of all sectors The capital cost per worker Kx  Lx in the standard set of goods exported from the United States should be higher than that Km  Lm in importzameschayuschey products included in the standard set of goods imported into the United States.Paradoxical results Leontiev puzzled not only himself but other economists it turned out that in  the US sold to other

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countries laborintensive goods in exchange for a relatively capitalintensive! The key parameter Kx  Lx  Km  Lm was only . whereas according to the theory of Heckscher  Ohlin he was far greater than the unit.Leontyev himself and other economists in every one we rise to this problem. repeatedly tested method and has been recognized in the main correct. No doubt about the redundancy of capital in the United States compared with other countries. In theory the paradox can be explained by the fact that the structure of demand in the US share of capitalintensive

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production was still higher than in the production which turned the country into a net importer of capital goods however this explanation would not do because they do not correspond to reality. Other economists have tried to look for the cause in trade barriers or in the socalled reversibility factor intensity as when a ratio factor prices sector A is more capital intensive than sector B and with other  less capital intensive but it is not enough that brought into solution Problems.decision proved most fruitful input into the model and other factors of production. Perhaps they

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reasoned many economists and Leontiev among them you should consider the fact that there are different types of labor natural resources capital etc. Numerous studies in this field have led to two main results  confirmed the existence of a paradox for most of the postwar period  significantly improved our understanding of security factors and the intensity of their use. The first refuted the theory of Heckscher  Ohlin the second supported her.Despite the differences in calculation techniques all the studies are mainly confirmed the Leontief paradox in the United

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States in the period between World War II and the beginning of the s.At the same time in an attempt to unravel the Leontief paradox scientists began to enter into the model and others in addition to the capital and labor factors of production. New calculations of factor enriched as has been said our understanding of who wins and who loses as a result of foreign trade. In a sense the byproduct of the controversy surrounding the paradox Leontief compensated for the damage caused to the theory of Heckscher  Ohlin. Of course the United States had some excess capital and

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thus somehow exported fewer services this factor than imported. But studies have stimulated the work of Leontief showed that capital is not the most overweight in the US factor of production. The first place here belongs to farmland and HRST. Indeed the US appear a net exporter of commodities intensively using these factors in full accordance with the theory of Heckscher  Ohlin. Thus despite some damage caused by the theory of Heckscher  Ohlin paradox Leontief she eventually enriched with new results obtained during the study of this riddle. HeckscherOhlin

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explained the development of foreign trade of various countries endowed with factors of production but in recent decades has been increasing trade between the countries where the difference in endowment factors is low Western Europe ie there is a contradiction  trade reasons have disappeared and trade increased. This is due to the fact that the HeckscherOhlin theory developed in those years when was the prevailing interindustry trade. Back in the early s was the most characteristic raw materials exchanges in developing countries for manufactured goods of

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developed countries. By the early ies have  of exports for example the UK accounted for by Western Europe and North America. In foreign trade the industrialized countries became predominant mutual exchange of manufactured products. Moreover these countries are at the same time buy and sell not only products of the manufacturing industry and the same name on products that differ only in quality characteristics. A feature of the production of export products of the industrialized countries are relatively high costs for research and development. These countries are

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now increasingly specialize in the production of socalled knowledgebased hightech products.The number of hightech industries include the production of medical products electronic computers and equipment radioelectronic components laboratory equipment aviation and aerospace industry.The development of knowledgebased industries and the rapid growth of the international exchange of their products led to the formation neotehnologicheskogo Theory. This line is a collection of separate models partially complementary but sometimes contradictory to

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each other.. The theory of decreasing costs economies of scale This theory is developed on the basis of criticism and negation of HeckscherOhlin model. The starting point is the assumption that the developed countries are endowed with factors of production in similar proportions. Therefore trade between the two makes sense if they specialize in the production of goods of different sectors which can reduce costs through mass production.. The theory of technological gap According to this theory trade between the two countries carried out even with the same

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endowment of factors of production and may be caused by technological changes occurring in any one industry in one of the trading countries due to the fact that technological innovations initially appear in one country the latter gains an advantage The new technology allows to produce goods at a lower cost. If innovation is to produce a new product the entrepreneurinnovator in the country for a certain period of time has the socalled quasimonopoly in other words gets extra income by exporting new goods. Hence the new optimal strategy let not that relatively cheaper

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but the fact that more nobody can produce but is necessary for all or many. As soon as this technology will be able to learn the others  to produce something new and again it is that the other is unavailable.As a result of the emergence of technical innovations form the technology gap between countries with and without these innovations. This gap will be gradually overcome because Other countries are beginning to copy the innovation innovator country. However the gap is not bridged sale of new goods produced by the new technology will continue.. The theory of

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product life cycle product life cycle theory It is the most popular theory neotehnologicheskogo direction. It attracted almost all economists as more accurately reflects the real state of the international division of labor in the modern period. According to this theory every new product goes through a cycle including the stage of implementation expansion maturity and aging. Each stage is characterized by the special nature of demand and technology.At the first stage of the cycle when a new product has just started originally produced for the domestic market the

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demand for it is small. It is presented to people with high incomes for which the price does not really matter when deciding on the purchase of goods. The more people with high incomes the more likely the emergence of new products on the market the production of which requires a lot of costs as their technology is not yet runin. This technology involves the use of a large number of highly skilled workers. Export a new product in the first stage will be negligible.In the second stage  the stage of growth the domestic market demand is growing rapidly the product becomes generally recognized. It starts serial production of larg

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