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Escort Girls in Kfar-SabaAlenteva Tatiana V in Kfar-Saba   Candidate of Historical Sciences Escort Girls  Associate Professor Escort Girls  Department of General History of the Kursk State University in Kfar-Saba  in Kfar-Saba  The American historian J in Kfar-Saba  Reynolds Escort Girls  exploring the southern state of press in secession of the South Escort Girls  eloquently titled his book Editors have created a war in Kfar-Saba  As proof of his innocence Escort Girls  he cites the opinion of virgin paper Escort Girls  expressed in  when the civil war between North and South has already begun  in Kfar-Saba  Press and telegraph destroyed the country Submission of censorship could save the Union  in Kfar-Saba  This assertion seems paradoxical and Escort Girls  of course Escort Girls  largely exaggerated in Kfar-Saba  But it must be admitted that the emergence and exacerbation of conflicts in society that lead to confrontation Escort Girls  confrontation and even to the Civil War Escort Girls  the role of the press Escort Girls  public opinion is formed Escort Girls  it is extremely high in Kfar-Saba Civil War  a catastrophe more terrible than the war with an external enemy in Kfar-Saba

external enemy in Kfar-Saba

It spreads on opposite sides one people Escort Girls  split the family and even the identity of the person in Kfar-Saba  It is a total character and leaves the heavy trauma that affect the long life of the society in Kfar-Saba  What are the causes that lead to catastrophe fratricide? Can they be reduced solely to a conflict of classes and individual social groups? Can we consider the Civil War of  in Kfar-Saba  only the industrial bourgeoisie of the North conflict and slaveowning planters of the South in their struggle for power and influence in the Union?  in Kfar-Saba Civil war  undoubtedly more complex conflict sets of forces with different interests and ideals in Kfar-Saba  Apparently Escort Girls  it is worth considering a few step away from the causes of the Civil War Escort Girls  just lying in the plane of economic and material interests Escort Girls  although Escort Girls  of course Escort Girls  they played a significant role in Kfar-Saba  And try to look at this phenomenon in the light of civilized approach Escort Girls  since there is often the fault of society not along class lines Escort Girls  and in accordance with the ideological positions Escort Girls  beliefs and views in Kfar-Saba  In the Civil War between North and South on the side of the slaveowning planters were many poor whites Escort Girls  not owning slaves in Kfar-Saba  At the same time Escort Girls  antiNegro racist attitudes were common in the Union Army in Kfar-Saba  The formation

of course Escort Girls

positions of the parties has a huge role public opinion Escort Girls  it would be difficult to explain the terrible bitterness and duration of the American Civil War of  in Kfar-Saba  In this article we try to analyze the state of public opinion Escort Girls  both in the North and the South Escort Girls  on the most important issues for the country  the causes of the Civil War Escort Girls  as well as to consider the conflict of opinion in the crisis for the country during the  biennium in Kfar-Saba In domestic American Studies has developed the consideration of the Civil War as the Second American Revolution Escort Girls  designed to solve the problem of slavery and Homestead problem in Kfar-Saba  V in Kfar-Saba  Recent publications Sogrin rightly notes the critical importance of these issues and insoluble contradictions that divided North and South of the United States  in Kfar-Saba Civil wars can occur not only as a class or political Escort Girls  but also as a civilizational conflict Escort Girls  in which the warring parties defend different value system  in Kfar-Saba  They can be generated by a skilled kindling passions Escort Girls  inciting public opinion on those from whom design enemy image Escort Girls  of course Escort Girls  if there are serious grounds for such a confrontation in Kfar-Saba  The

not evidence Escort Girls

decisive tool in such a tense atmosphere are not evidence Escort Girls  and trenchant phrases Escort Girls  stereotypes Escort Girls  periodic repetition Escort Girls  Welding of the public consciousness suitable myths Escort Girls  often misinformation and falsification of the true facts in Kfar-Saba  What it is often observed during the American Civil War in Kfar-Saba  So Escort Girls  in  the newspaper New York World and New York Journal of Commerce printed fake proclamation of President Abraham Lincoln Escort Girls  which was drawn to the situation of the North and provocatively declared on the mobilization of the army is still  thousand in dark tones  in Kfar-Saba  people in Kfar-Saba   in Kfar-Saba  At the same time the spread of tolerance sentiment Escort Girls  persistent search for compromises may under certain conditions help to alleviate the situation and a peaceful resolution of the conflict maturing in Kfar-Saba The first Escort Girls  who drew attention to the factor of public opinion in connection with the civil war in the United States Escort Girls  were AV Efimov and GP Kuropyatnik  Escort Girls  but the problem was not part of their articles

of the tragedy in Kfar-Saba

media analysis of this powerful tool for shaping public opinion in Kfar-Saba  At the same time in the national American Studies has not yet analyzed the state of public opinion Escort Girls  both in the North and the South Escort Girls  based on the study of the periodical press in Kfar-Saba In American historiography Escort Girls  public opinion factor attracted the attention of researchers Escort Girls  but also underserved in Kfar-Saba  The central problem Escort Girls  which for over a hundred years trying to solve the American historians Escort Girls  is to find out the causes of the Civil War Escort Girls  the identification of the perpetrators of the tragedy in Kfar-Saba   Thats why in the American historical science is considerable interest in the period before the conflict in Kfar-Saba  It is impossible to accurately determine the number of works that deal with the maturing of the American Civil War in Kfar-Saba   This is not surprising Escort Girls  since the study of this phase of American history is connected with the main issue of the second American Revolution what is the cause of the bloody strife that claimed countless lives? Nation Escort Girls  numbering in  Escort Girls   mln in Kfar-Saba  Escort Girls  Sent to war  million in Kfar-Saba  People in Kfar-Saba  Losses amounted to almost  million in Kfar-Saba  People  in Kfar-Saba Back in  in the book The causes of the Civil War  a prominent liberal American historian Kenneth Stamp tried to summarize the different approaches and create an overall picture of the historians agree on this issue Escort Girls  however

Escort Girls  was forced to admit

Escort Girls  was forced to admit that modern historians to explain the causes of the war are still further apart than they were participants in Kfar-Saba  However Escort Girls  he expressed confidence that the ongoing discussions contribute to a better understanding of our greatest national crisis  in Kfar-Saba  Tradition edition collections representing different positions of historians Escort Girls  continues in Kfar-Saba  In this regard Escort Girls  it is worth noting the appearance of the book The face of the enemy in Kfar-Saba  Perspectives on the Civil War Escort Girls  which is a collection of  essays written by various historians and different interpretive events  in Kfar-Saba Summing explanation of the Civil War Escort Girls  C in Kfar-Saba  Stamp the fore put propaganda war waged against each other two sections of the Union in Kfar-Saba  He cites as proof of this point of view documents editorials from newspapers Escort Girls  statements of politicians Escort Girls  subsequent historical works written by direct participants in the events in Kfar-Saba  The next group of reasons Escort Girls  allocated K in Kfar-Saba  Stamp and other scientists Escort Girls  the rise of nationalism and the struggle for states rights in Kfar-Saba  If the idea of ​​growth and development of southern nationalism is universally accepted or at least shared by the majority of historians engaged in the history of the South Escort Girls  such as E in Kfar-Saba  Faust  or M in Kfar-Saba  Grissom  Escort Girls  the more difficult is the case with the national identity of the North in Kfar-Saba  Interestingly Escort Girls  in recent years Escort Girls  a number of studies showing that the North has developed its own national identity Escort Girls  different from the South Escort Girls  and in many ways the opposite to him in Kfar-Saba   That is in sharp contrast national identities of North and South is now explained by a bitter civil war in Kfar-Saba  The modern historian

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